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The way we see it, a successful achievement is made of successful people. At DKLab, we encourage and help you develop your design and knowledge, push the envelope, and go places you've never gone before.

If you are interested in studying at DKLab of Sejong University for a master, doctoral, or post-doctoral course, please submit your resume and portfolio online.

Benefits for All

1. Trip Abroad for International Conferences
2. Scholarship for Tuition
3. Incentives based on Performance
4. Opportunity for Teaching Assistant
5. IDP Units for Architectural License Exam in U.S.
6. Desktop Computer System Provided

Additional Benefits for Foreign Students

1. Arrangement for Dormitory
2. Scholarship for Full Tuition
3. Support for Living Expenses(fixed amount per month)
4. Arrangement for Korean Language Course

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1. Laser Cutter
2. 3d Printer: Powder Base, PLA Base
3. 4 axis CNC Hot Wire
4. Kinect, Arduino, and Sensors
5. Digital Camcorder and DSRL Cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony)
6. Web and File Servers
7. Printer-type Cutting Machine


서울시 광진구 능동로 209 충무관 207호

T 02-3408-3259    F 02-3409-3835

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